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About the Contest

"PRESSzvanie Awards" is an annual contest for Ukrainian business journalists, where the judges (business leaders and editors of leading business media) evaluate nominees via an interactive voting system on the Contest's website (www.presszvanie.ua) in real time.

A business journalist is a journalist whose main purpose is gathering information about current events in the economy life of the country, business processes, tendencies, results and people, informational analysis, publication and spreading it through all types of mass media.

The main purpose is to carry out an objective, transparent and unbiased evaluation of Ukrainian business journalists.

The distinguishing feature of the Contest is its transparent on-line voting system that allows checking the score given to the nominees at any moment of time.

The first Awards took place in 2005, and since then it attracts over 200 nominees and Jury members every year.

The nominees are evaluated in 8 Profile nominations (experts in business, chief editors from business, social and political media and industrial experts can vote):

1. Economic policy: finance, investments
2. Agriculture
3. Steel and mining
4. Consumer markets
5. Manufacturing
6. Telecommunications and IT
7. Transport
8. Energy sector

in 2 Image nominations:

1. The Best Editor (businessmen, chief editors and journalists can vote)
2. PRESS-awareness (Mass Media Representatives evaluate Representatives of Business, press-services)

and 3 Special nominations:

1. The best reportage
2. The best feature
3. Discovery of the year


Evaluation system

Voting is accomplished in every nomination on the website of the Contest: www.presszvanie.ua.

The Jury of the Contest vote for every nominee using the ten-point scale. The count of voices takes place in accordance with the methodology indicated on the website of the Contest.

Journalists who get the highest number of points in every nomination become the Winners of the Contest.

The basic criteria of evaluation are objectivity, accuracy, efficiency, skills of presenting the information, timeliness of the topic.

Key characteristics of the Contest:

- professionalism, ongoing aspiration for world standards;

- sensation or pursuit of exclusive;

- journalist's personal style and recognizability, his own "handwriting" regardless of the style of the media he works for.



The PRESSclub that was created in the framework of the Contest since 2005 has hosted master-classes from editors of The Times, The Financial Times, La Tribune de Geneve, Kommersant and Radio Echo of Moscow.

The main purpose of the PRESSclub is to assist journalists in their professional growth.

Currently, there are more than 200 journalists that have become the members of the PRESSclub.

The PRESSсlub annually organises the following activities:

• Training workshops and seminars;
• Roundtable discussions of sharp issues, with the invited experts in journalism, economics and politics;
• Teambuilding events and quests;
• Visits to international conferences and summits;
• Experience exchange programs and internships at Western media houses. 

Every business journalist can be a Jury in the Image nominations.

Any business journalist can act as a jury for image categories. To do this a journalist should tick the appropriate box in an electronic form.

During the registration, participants of the Contest additionally upload up to three of their best articles for the current year (as an example of style and professionalism) to help members of the jury in their selection. This will significantly simplify and speed up the jury's work. The presence of articles is a prerequisite for registration of each nominee.

All questions about the methodology of the Contest are considered by the Supervisory Board, which consists of business representatives and journalists-winners of the previous year.